Wednesday, 14 October 2015


"Jeremy Corbyn has signalled for the first time that Labour could support forms of military action in Syria without UN support if Russia blocks a security council resolution.
In a bid to underline this as the agreed Labour leadership position, Corbyn issued a brief statement, saying: “I met with shadow cabinet colleagues today and Hilary Benn is setting out the position today.”
Benn also stresses the absolute necessity of acting, writing: “We have a responsibility to protect people, but in Syria, no one has taken responsibility and no one has been protected. It is the great humanitarian crisis of our age and one of our greatest tests too.”" [source]

Seems Corbyn is staying loyal and true to the english left's imperialist 'Spirit of '45'. If anyone can honestly define Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, if people can appreciate and be honest about the depth of coloniality in the english left and the imperialist nature of it and the labour party, this is nothing to be surprised at. But many a trembling lip and heart around at the moment cos people are being fed delusions and many are promoting delusions and fantasies.

Probably like Syriza, many will justify each and every pro-imperialist move of Corbyn and Labour. When you dig yourself into a hole, if it stinks, get out of it, but too many feel that they need to keep digging deeper and stinkier. Step out! lol

The brit/english left no matter what crimes the British state with a Labour govt have committed since before the 2nd world war was never a reason to break with this *racist* and *colonial* organisation, Labour destroying Afghanistan and Iraq more recently was not enough for people to break from this.

The love and loyalty for genocidal 'left' imperialist crimes and institutions and consciousness are just too irresistible for too many in england. England is the HEART of whiteness & colonialism, sorry to state the utter obvious but it seems it needs stating incessantly that: promoting whiteness and colonialism in nice liberal labour shrouds does not make it any less imperialist and racist. Actually it can and often has the effect of making it more sophisticated and pernicious.

Thank God we have the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the mass base of the Scottish independence movement to show a limited in many ways, but very much an actual and real force opening up anti-imperialism in a meaningful way on this island.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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