Thursday, 15 October 2015


#Palestine #Unity / #DisunityAsRadical: 'Eurocentric / colonial identity politics' (*my definition below) is tearing apart and dividing ally from ally, sister/brother from brother/sister. This can be seen in relation to Palestine right now whereby one of the most blatant colonial settler oppressions is seeing Resistance to it being fought over between broadly those who want to unite with the Palestinian Resistance and Revolution and at the same time constructively address internalised colonial oppressions amongst the Palestinians (*every* oppressed community has internalised colonial oppressions, the most obvious being situations of oppression of women, girls, and children and many others), and on the other hand those who want to tear apart any bridge building and unity with Palestinians cos there are internalised problems of coloniality amongst them.

I was active in support of the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada in late 2000, and went on and helped organise many delegations to Palestine in the early 2000s, and have been working closely with Palestinian revolutionaries ever since, and its very clear that the pro Palestine camp is even weaker, confused and split than it was then, and in part this is due to this colonial identity politics ripping things apart. There are also other factors including the greater infiltration of the anti-Jewish far-right into these circles, and the continuing colonialisation tendency from western neocolonial liberals/leftists who think they are going to liberate Palestine through BDS etc. No, as I said a long time ago, 'we will not liberate Palestine, Palestine and other such anti-imperialist struggles have and will liberate us'.

It is only through learning about the Palestinian revolutionary traditions, ideologies, leaderships and histories can we protect the Palestinian War of Liberation just like every other peoples war of liberation across the globe.

The european white imperialists don't even have to do much at the moment, as it is Black n Brown / non-white people who are doing all the sniping and dividing themselves, they are creating divisions on every single minutiae of identity.

*DEFINITION of 'eurocentric/colonial identity politics': focusing purely on individualistic frameworks and issues of oppression which overshadow or totally obliterate understanding, learning and support for Resistance of peoples against imperialism. So for example, the destruction of Libya and associated oppressions are absent, but every single relatively smaller incident of an oppressed person within the confines of the 'west' is THE ONLY thing to focus on. It is another form of racism, it is the non-white person and also other oppressed groups fighting with each other, and in so doing airbrushing out of existence or totally demeaning the struggle of millions in unity and struggle in the non-west/'GlobalSouth' areas.

Eurocentric/colonial identity politics fits perfectly with the white supremacist and imperialist agenda: it weakens, divides as *principle* ever greater divisions between oppressed peoples, and in so doing keeps the system buoyant and untouched. It also means that the actually existing colonial western left says relatively dominant as the eurocentric/colonial identity politics impacts negatively and overwhelmingly the potential for oppressed communities to unite and resist.

The eurocentric/colonial identity politics is extremely bullying in its nature, but hides behind a victim complex to justify its bullying. So try and engage in places where they dominate and you will be jumped upon and your voice will be nearly and often totally negated and shut down because they decide you do not have a right to speak for whatever box ticking and colonial oppression olympics games they are playing. All the while the important issues, important challenges and important global struggles are deleted and censored from sight.

I know from many people and activists that they are basically brow beaten, shouted down, and bullied into silence, and as a result are bullied into a lower level of confidence to critically discuss these issues. This is compounded by a growing popular culture of bullying and especially online bullying whereby you will be just blatantly bullied, mocked and ridiculed for stepping outside of this 'fashion'. However, an important point to remember is that this divisiveness has no bounds, has no limits, and ANYONE can find themselves targets of this colonial bullying culture, and often are. Its a sure recipe for GREATER bullying, and the opposite of what the disingenuous 'safe space' theory purports.

The 'safe space' concept is an apt one in this regard: while of course oppressed people need places and spaces to discuss and strategise and heal and explore liberation-foced issues etc, often this 'safe space' culture becomes a self ghettoising and bullying technique to dictate who can speak and who cannot, who is 'invited to the party', and who is proactively disinvited to their party. 'Safe space' never informs a process of supporting actual peoples struggles pushing back and developing liberated countries from imperialism, and nearly always informs the western/westernised individualistic concerns.

So look around, you will actually very very few people uniting people while resisting and countering the colonial hierarchies that are imposed and internalised amongst us. Actually it is extremely few organisations including the Malcolm X Movement who seek to in principle recognise and fight internalised colonial oppressions but at the same time advocate unity of Black n Brown people and white comrades on this island and also to unite us with all peoples struggling against imperialism and especially British imperialism around the world.

In general and overwhelmingly, Kurds only march for Kurds when the Kurdish liberation forces of the PKK and YPG are in a life and death struggle against imperialist death squads. Syrians only march for Syrians similarly. Libyans only for Libyans. Black Carribbean people for Black Carribbean people, Eritrean people for Eritrean people, Somali for Somali, Zimbabwean for Zimbabwean, Irish for Irish, and so on and so forth. While all these communities and we all have a responsibility to unite forces, it is not entirely the fault of all said communities, but a result of a long culture of colonial divide and rule which has been internalised as principle since the 1980s in britain which has developed a culture of 'radical' colonial divisions. This is the very OLD british colonialist and orientalist divide and rule strategies merely internalised and popularised by colonised peoples.

The oppressors at the top are extremely united, united by the best financed and equipped media, war machine, (mis)education system etc: colonially and imperialistically oppressed people need as NECESSITY to find the MAXIMUM UNITY of forces to be able to free ANY sectional group of oppressed peoples and oppressed peoples in general. Isn't it time we returned to the glorious period of UNIFYING struggles from the late 19th century that really speeded up in the post 1945 period with Bandung, NAM, OSPAAL, Tricontinental, and many many other formations that united us and resulted in the greatest leap forward for liberating our countries and increasing the rights on all fronts for our peoples which was the period of the 1960s?

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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