Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Former KKK grand wizard David Duke has deeply infiltrated pro Palestine circles, he is a prominent example of how those who are viscerally racist (European colonial white supremacism) are using Palestine circles to promote their anti Jewish hatred and they are nearly always hostile to Brown and Black people in the 'west'. Duke's infiltration is protected by other prominent Palestine activists and I have had Ken o Keefe defend Duke directly to me in past few years.

All manner of European racists are influencing our Asian and African peoples; we must politically destroy these infiltrators, we need to encourage our peoples to learn better their/our own ideologies against colonialism and imperialism, they/we have our own histories, organisations, leaderships that are being directly being manipulated and attacked by these western racist colonialists.

The zionist state is an asymmetric mirror image of European white supremacy, it is a hard and fast lesson that oppressed groups can internalise this colonialism and then project it devastatingly against another oppressed group, the Arabs and Palestinians in this case.

Palestine and every other anti imperialist struggle cannot be free while using the same concepts of supremacism of colonialism, but this is exactly what the enemies of the Palestinians are vested in doing, and it's clear who are the covert backers of these infiltrating forces are: it's no other than the israeli intelligence services and their allies in the region and in the 'west' who know very well how to weaken, make pathetic and ridiculous pro Palestine circles.

The pinnacle of the Palestinian Revolution is part of the anti-imperialist and socialist Vietnamese, Cuban, Algerian, Egyptian, Chinese, South African, and Soviet trend of liberation in the world, and it is through especially the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP, DFLP, Fatah and others that this tradition continues.

Chase away euro imperialist supremacists! 

Defend the Palestinian Revolution! 

Increased revolutionary vigilance!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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