Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Don't Be Party to Another Political Assassination of Jo Cox

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

In recent years since the end of the 1990s we have seen the rise of a new fascist movement, the 1990s until the mid 2000s saw the rise of the fascist BNP, they ended up getting hundreds of councillors in the early 2000s, and then the state and intel services pulled the plug on them and instead focused on developing other leading fascist organisations such as UKIP, EDL and then Britain First, as well as allowing a whole bunch of other smaller fascist and nazi organisations to flourish in this same time.

The fascist organisations, led by an increasingly open racist state and population, terrorised our communities especially Muslim communities for years, attacks, murders galore. Then came the great fascist upsurge with the brexit referendum and its brexit victory. This was greatly excited, united, galvanised the entire fascist, nazi and far right elements directly and openly with the state for the first time in this country's history. Jo Cox was one of the most hard working anti-Brexit campaigners, shitty politics on Syria: yes, but she was attacked by a fascist terrorist because she was seen as pro-immigrant, pro-Muslim.

thomas nair is the same of the killer, he was(/is) a fascist obsessive, he had a gun, knives, fascist magazines from around the world, and stabbed Jo Cox in broad daylight 15 times and shot her all within 2mins, the first time ever a sitting MP has been killed in this country. The murder of Jo Cox is he greatest political assassination in this country since the 'troubles' in the occupied Irish counties that ended in the late 1990s (although Ireland is still occupied by the brits).

Nair shouted "britain first" before he killed Jo Cox, linking his action directly and explicitly with an actual fascist organisation that is protected and facilitated by the state - Britain First; and this murder is an overtly political terrorist act inspired directly by a fascist upsurge known as Brexit.

And THIS is the second murder of Jo Cox, there has been an amazing non-stop white wash and cover up to these issues of state-sponsorship and protection of far right / fascist terrorism, MANY far right terrorist attacks take place including people who are badly maimed and even killed, organised terrorist attacks from organisations that are never addressed at all; it has been a total cover up of the fact that Brexit has united all the many scores of fascist, nazi and far-right factions united with ukip, the tories going right into a direct alliance in the Brexit campaign with elements of the labour party and the even 'far left'.

The second murder of Jo Cox is to deny and white wash, cover up and systematically ignore ALL the actual contexts and premises that directly led to her assassination. Don't be fooled, as *soon* as Jo Cox was killed, the intel services went into full action to 'control the message', they downplayed it totally and have ensured that from Jo Cox's husband, to Corbyn, to the entire labour party and connected community that none of them dare ask for what really must be demanded:

- A public inquiry into far right terrorism that killed Jo Cox and has attacked many others

Amazing that in a context of clearly growing fascism in this country and across the west, no one has bothered to demand a independent public inquiry into this, to investigate what's going on with the far right terrorist community in this country and what the authorities are doing about it and how they are interacting about it.

Jo Cox, like Arek Jozwik, is our martyr in the struggle against New Fascism / 21st Century Fascism. Tragically, there will be more. How can we treat these martyred humans in such a degraded manner that we, and especially those who have much more influence than us such as Corbyn etc that they can't even demand basic justice and dignity in demanding a political investigation to this *politically motivated hate crime/terrorism*. It is because this is political expediency, Jo Cox's murder is a really awkward irritation to Corbyn and the pro Brexit Fascist Left. If you don't believe me, ask them! Ask them and you will hear them all day everyday say 'its nothing to do with brexit'. Nothing?! The guy shouted "britain first" during the brexit referendum and attacked and killed a woman who was campaigning for Remain.

Going forward, we MUST demand investigations into these things, but we ourselves must do the political struggle and investigation into this, because the british state is working hard to manage these array of fascist and nazi forces that are now united in a massive brexit fascist alliance, and the left is for the most collaborating to cover-up this scandal cos they are either pro brexit fascism themselves, or even if they are not pro brexit, many of them are defending the fascist collaborators and are arguing that the murder of Jox Cox has no connection with brexit.

Please do not join in a second fascist assassination of Jo Cox, expose and fight the British state - far right alliance and collusion.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Islamic Republic of Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah sold out the Libyan Jamahirya in 2011, in a fit of deep opportunism and embarrassing wrong-headedness they threw that people and country to the Nato devils and their death squad dogs, Iran joined in destroying that country by their media *and* by sending military to assist the raping lynching mutilating Nato death squads. Iran has to date expressed no reflective critical corrective as to this. These are all facts.

*HOWEVER*, as imperialism develops a war of destruction against Iran, we who are loyal to the Green Jamahirya and United Libyan anti-imperialist Resistance, should not in our approach to this stoop to the level the Iranians in 2011, one does not take on an unethical criminal approach, just cos some other fool does so. No, we remember how decade after decade Gaddafi had Iran's back, sometimes the only Arab (Africa) leader to do so; how throughout 2011 he stated that his resistance to Nato is also defending Iran, he knew the sell out the Iranians did to Libya, but never admonished them but instead reached out to them saying that they are both in the same struggle and they should unite. It was VERY dignified of Gaddafi to have behaved in that manner and, as as you all know, I took a lead from that dignified but critical stance and have never attacked IRI although their opportunism at times wrankles greatly.

Failing to defend Iran as imperialism comes for it, is a disservice to the struggle and our resistance in Libya, as if Iran falls, it will make the tasks of the Libyan Resistance so much harder, an attack and destruction of Iran will signal the coming destruction of the region further and Algeria, which will directly negatively impact the Libyan Resistance.

I am no less upset than anyone else about the Iranians and Hizbullah in 2011, I know more than a lot of people about the Iranian - Libyan dynamic and problems, but am an no fool, I am not someone who allows our enemy ANY space to pass, and neither did Gaddafi despite all his mistakes (that pale into insignificance frankly compared to his victories that continue increasingly awe and inspire me everyday), Gaddafi would back EVERY position against the common enemy, he sought to bring us ALL together, remember his speeches at the Arab League where he stated all this clearly. Follow the great man, not one's own petite egos of resentment and bitterness.

Let's be wise and dignified in our approach to decolonial anti-imperialist struggle, we are going into even more political disasters and the thing we more and more desperately need is unity, clear sightedness, heightened mature and sophisticated political vigilance and an ability to not fall for but scupper every single direct and indirect colonial divide and rule. Stay Green and clean.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


The N word, the P word and anti-Muslim/anti-African/anti-African-Asian-ness towards Somali youth

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
22 Nov 2016

The most vicious one is the N word, that is generally accepted as crossing the red line with the masses of our youth, its a victory on the one hand that people KNOW not to say this, but this victory is off-set by the fact that the white imperialist-controlled 'entertainment' (colonial brainwash) industry has normalised the N word used between by a considerable section of our African heritage youth to refer towards Black people. However, it is clearly a victory that the N word is well know to be off limits although colonial agents in the 'entertainment industry' are facilitating its normalisation across the world.

The horrific colonial racist slur 'Paki' is still very common, although its well known by those who use to be extremely offensive. It is used extensively by white youth but also African heritage youth against those they consider are Asian, especially South Asian. When African heritage youth use the P word, they do it often knowing that their own family member(s), a grandparent or great grandparent or some other direct family member(s) is of Indian heritage usually from the Caribbean. It's actual use is a weird mix of knowing it is off limits but it is used anyway quite a lot against Asian people, and sometimes against other peoples who people wrongly assume are Asian/South Asian.

The lack of teaching and understanding that there is a massive Asian/South Asian presence in the Caribbean and the cross-fertilisation of Africans who were forcibly taken there and the Indians who were less so forcibly but forcibly taken there too by the brits, is a gap and something we have to fill and celebrate that unity of the two peoples in a new land, albeit a stolen land on whose native people genocide was committed by the european colonialists.

And then we come to the upsetting but interesting case of racial slurs against our Somali community, Somalis and East Africans seem to confuse people who have swallowed colonial racism, lots of complex things I am not going to go into, but basically our youth attack Somalis (generally not Muslim youth from Africa or Asia, but they do sometimes as well) on the basis that they don't look what is the stereotype of a 'Black African' phenotypes (physical appearance), they are also Muslim, many of them look quite similar to South Asian people, so the slurs against the Somali youth from other of our youth includes 'Abdi' (meaning slave, it actually is often used in names as in slave to the most high, but like paki which means pure/real thing/true, it has been warped into something disgusting), also Walahi (literally: by God), sometimes these two words are used together as a slur 'Abdi Walahi'. Racial slurs against Somali are the most acceptable out of all of them.

There is SO MUCH to say about all of this, but the bottom line is that this is all evidence that a considerable section of our youths (and adults!) have fallen into the most obvious colonial and imperialist divide and rule ploy. These colonial divisive strategies are becoming more effective and more pronounced in the work of the british state, and its arms such as the bbc, media and schooling. I don't see anyone talking about these issues and addressing and countering them. In a context of brexit/trump and growing fascism, the western states are deepening their divide and rule, and in so-called radical circles these divisions are being spun as radical by the colonial identity politics industry.

In a lot of these 'radical' circles there is a lot of anti-Muslim and anti-Asian prejudice being spewed and spun as some kind of radical posture, its not, its just internalised colonial divisions, they come straight out of the centuries long english colonial handbook. There is much less anti-Black anti-African prejudice in radical circles, although there are still major issues here in terms of addressing (I mean lack of addressing and appreciating) African liberation on the continent, and the role of African people as their communities are developing in the 'west'. SO MUCH UNITY building to do in the face of much more divisive colonial nonsense being internalised and coming to us directly from the imperialist ruling classes.

Abhimanyu Manchanda and Caudia Jones, lovers, comrades, united in many projects


From "Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism” book by Zak Cope

“A great deal of political and economic capital is invested in rac­ist discourses. Racism is not simply the epiphenomenal accretion of market mechanisms but, rather, a means of organising market forces politically. In Western Europe and the USA, the working class has no tradition of anti-capitalism that has not been derailed by economic and political embourgeoisement relying upon (national and interna­tional) racial discrimination for its substance. The alliances and al­legiances formed by the metropolitan working class with states, par­ties and labour organisations that have consistently and vociferously promoted and upheld imperialism has ensured that the rights and interests of its victims have always appeared at best nugatory and at worst injurious politically. The political consciousness of the metropolitan working class is attuned to its historical interest in defending the status quo against any and all anti-imperialist rebellion. While the scapegoating of immigrants and ethnic minorities for social problems is exacerbated by capitalist governments’ refusal to supply adequate social needs (jobs, housing and equal rights) equally for all citizens, rivalry between the First World’s long-term white residents and non-white communities over resources and life opportunities is based on the former having decisive material, political and cultural advantages which they endeavour to preserve at the latters expense. Thus the organised labour movement in the core countries has not only neglected to struggle against the special oppression of the op­ pressed working class, it has actively involved itself in supporting imperialism.

White supremacy is sustained in and through imperialist capi­talism. The established organs of imperialist democracy collude in and promote the racial-hierarchical management of class conflict. As such, the racism of the working class at the centres of the world capitalist system is not the result of a kind of sweeping backward consciousness as many socialists and liberals would have it. Rather, it is the end result of a process of political struggle wherein the eco­nomic and political privileges of living in an imperialist nation have come to seem natural and acceptable to the majority therein. The growth of racism occurs through the reproduction of the established mode of production of the contemporary era; that is, the practices of capitalism and its concomitant neocolonialism, imperialist division of labour, border controls and wars. Only in understanding these phenomena, their political supports and their dehumanising effects, can we begin to effectively challenge racist discourses and practices.”

Monday, 21 November 2016


Is Russia going to allow Trump fascist imperialism to destroy Iran?

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Mon 21 Nov 2016

This is a post that pains me greatly to write, never written a post with such anxiety . But the danger signs are too big for me not to say something with the intense hope and prayers that I have got this very wrong. As many of us know, the Russian leadership have been supporting the global south in many important historical ways, but also there has been a worrying escalation of them doing as much as they can in soft-power to bring to power fascists in the 'west' with the terribly and frankly criminally wrong-headed delusion that western fascists will be 'nicer' to Russia. The RT (Russia Today) channel has been the most important and leading platform for global fascism, especially in the last year or two. But there are many other neo-fascist platforms run from Moscow that surround us.

Russia has been putting out the notion that Trump as well as Farage, Le Pen and other fascist leaders will be 'nice' to Russia, than hitherto have imperialists been with Russia. Putin has tied himself into knots from his Bonapartist (limiting class conflicts in favour of a elite leadership of the country) politics that plays to the Soviet socialist anti-imperialist masses, but draws them towards and is loyal to the Russian nationalist oligarchs who are firmly in control. Putin has lost his mind, desperately trying to get imperialism to treat Russia as equals, and now he has convinced himself and many others that western fascist victories will be of benefit to Russia. What an insult and humiliation to the 40 million Soviet martyrs against fascism in the 1940s, which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that european/western fascism will, despite the apparent colonial tricks, will seek to prepare the ground to destroy Russian independence. While playing to our socialist martyrs, Putin is dragging that legacy in dog shit, and using the anti-imperialist socialist sentiments of the former Soviet peoples to help develop a fascism that they sacrificed so greatly to defeat.

We have had so many people paid by Russian and their leading fascist (Aleksander Dugin AKA Dugin the Dog (apologies to dogs)) to promote Trump, they have been doing it for many many months, and now they have the victory their were being paid to achieve. These political sociopaths really think that Trump is going to befriend Russia? THIS is the point we have to dig right into:

It seems to me that Trump will pull what the usa and western imperialist states did with Obama and Libya. Use Trump like they did Obama to lull sections of the global south to sleep, and then when guards are slightly down go for the kill and knock out Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia and nearly Egypt and aiming for Algeria, Hizbullah. The Palestinian struggle has been already been neutralised and is currently just not a strategic struggle, although we must of course support it loyally. I think what is taking place is that the leading factions of the usa ruling classes have brought Trump to power to trick the Russians into thinking that the yanks are going to 'normalise' relations towards Russia.

Why on earth would an imperialist system in freefall crises into fascism befriend Russia? It would not of course, as it is seeking even more vicious domination. So what's going on? What's going on is I think, a la Obama, Trump will lull the Russians, cut a deal with them and say: listen, we will go soft on you, ease the sanctions, bring in you fro the  cold. The usa doesnt even NEED to be too nice to the Russians for too long, they just have to give them the impression that they will be nice to them *just* long enough to prepare the media war propaganda to take along the masses to acquiesce in a war of destruction against Iran like they did to Saddam's Iraq, Gaddafi's Libya etc. I been saying for more than five years: after knocking out Libya, Tunisia, Syria, downgrading Egypt, Yemen; they will go directly onto Iran.

Iran is bogged down in Iraq and Syria and to a lesser extent Yemen. Hizbullah is bogged down in Syria. The Syrian government are hanging on a string that the Russians are holding. In the event of a full war of destruction against Iran (like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya) the Iranians straits of Hormuz military strategy will not work, the usa can blast everything out of the water no problem. Iran will partner with Lebanese Hizbullah to launch rockets onto israel, south Lebanon and the border with Syria will be wasted in no time by the usa military. Anyway, if israel fries in all of this, its not the biggest deal for imperialism, israel is a junior attack dog in the region that is expendable, always has been, just used and armed as long as they are useful.

Without Russian backing and support, Iran has no real strategy other than long term peoples war to perhaps in the next generation or more to defeat this aggression.

All the imperialists need to do is to ensure the Russians dont move when they go for Iran. That's it. They don't need anything more. The usa might be saying to Russia: guys, just look the other way when we go for Iran, like you did with turned away when we went for Libya in March 2011, and then we can divvy up the region and all that oil between ourselves and remove one of the biggest obstacles in the region. Once the operation on Iran is under way, the usa and western imperialists will then turn their crosshairs to China and Russia. Russia will not escape, it will be brought under total imperialist domination or will have to fight back. The massive danger is that the Russians are fooled for a few years, Iran is destroyed, and then Russia are totally surrounded from the south.

f/when Iran is attacked and Hizbullah launch again against israel, will Russia side with Iran or israel? I hope I am totally wrong, but indicators are that it will side with israel, too much goodies out of that relationship on military, economic and political things than compared to Iran, a 'third world' state struggling, whereas israel is a outpost of modern imperialism with its up to date modern high-scientific-military-industrial complex. It takes militant anti-imperialist ideological and strategical clarity to side with Iran and not with the enemy, China has that commitment, not Russia as things stand currently. China-Iran will be talking right now about the Trump-Russian problem.

The other hard line nationalist figures in the Russian state will be having arguments right now with Putin's faction, but the problem is that those arguments might be off-set by the harder nationalist elements thinking there is some great opening with Trump that they want to go for. Trump's likely secretary of state is john bolton, that signals a clear approach to war on Iran, the sanctions will be deepened, the nuke deal will be ripped up and war will be developed against Iran. Even if bolton is not chosen, the mood music from Trump is rapprochement with Russia so as to go gung-ho to Iran and China, that's very clear.

Our role is to shout and scream that this does not happen, to demand Russia stays loyal to ALL sections of the global south including Iran and China against imperialism; that we demand GREATER military cooperation and aid to Iran and China and that they speed up their defences to the maximum asap; that we battle to defeat the infiltrating fascists who are delivering all of this. Other factors that might help in this situation is that imperialism in a fascist crisis just cannot maintain a steady deceitful approach to Moscow, they go in too hard and make mistakes and lose Russia like they did after the last 'reset'. Also, China and Iran and other allies could make moves to try and scupper this bullshit from Moscow, but that's not really China's style, and Iran don't have the capacity to dictate anything to the Russians really without China helping out big time. India under the BJP may also sit on their hands if there is a war on Iran cos despite India and Iran being very close, the current BJP sectarian for big business are natural allies of Dugin's 'eurasian'-style fascism. We have lost Brazil, and that region is being defeated and not seeing further victories. If you stand still you go backwards, existence and liberation requires constant movement forward.

We can chart so much of this back to the massive historical blunder for the global south struggle that was Libya 2011. We don't have to look back far in history to see a precedent to what I am speculatively analysing here, only five years ago our global struggle fucked up big time and defacto allowed Libya to burn to an horrific end by Nato. The global south has seen what happened, many of them know what needs to be done to ensure it doesn't happen again, but there is no will, determination and leadership to implement the lessons going forward.

We are in growing extremely precarious times. If we lose Iran, we have definitively lost the region, and China or India or Algeria will be next, and then they will finish off with Russia, and 'latin' America will be a walk over cos imperialism is in no mood for massive military occupations a la Vietnam 1954-1975, Iraq 2003 and Afghanistan 2001. and all they need to do is send missiles until nothing stands. Africa, especially SADC countries have always been up for regime change and neutralisation, and that's going on against South Africa, they are preparing the country for annihilation using the DA and the EFF as pincer movements, Zim is holding on precariously as are the other states. We are talking about a new streamlined, refined, imperialism that has as its operational models Syria and Libya, no overt military on the ground (of course there are special forces a-plenty, covertly), use sectarian supremacist death squads to do the raping, pillaging and mutilations and societal collapse, bomb from the sky, send in the specialist private company mercenaries, and extract and grab and steal wealth at much as can be possible, and if you can't extract much, well you did what your crisis necessitated you to do: destroy all obstacles and seek total domination.

God, prove me wrong, I beg you.


A quick comment on Palestine, imperialism and Jews and settlers; tags: zionism, colonialism, anti Jewish racism:

The zionist terrorist organisations were slaughtering the brits in the mid to late 1940s as is well known.

Since the start of the last century the brits have recruited and organised colonial settlers who happened to be Jewish to go to take land in Palestine, a project of colonial divider and rule and colonial settlerism.

However, part of the massive anti Jewish racism in this country is in part related to british soldiers getting slaughtered in Palestine by the zionist terror orgs in the mid and late 1940s, brits felt angry cos they felt that they helped save the Jews in the war (which they did with many profound contradictions and colonial hypocrisies) and this is what they get in return.

It was only until the Suez war against Nasser and Egypt that tel aviv developed a strategic relationship with imperialism as juniors to contain independence movements like Nasser's and growing radical anti imperialist socialists and communists and nationalists.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Saturday, 19 November 2016


I wrote this recently in one of my threads, SO MUCH more important stuff to be said that basically just isnt in the conversation on this issue, a rather narrow conversation that seems to be increasing in volume, but here's a few points:

Don't know if there is 'an answer' to what is Black what is White etc. 'The answer' is a journey, a process of self-critical and critical liberation-oriented study, research, and action and struggle. For me, first of all we have to explore where this racialisation comes from? Who has defined it, and why? What does it mean to be white and not white or Black?

From my research and studies in life thus far I have come to understand this:

Before european colonialism there was no political power that racialised people into a hierarchy of who is human and who is not. European colonialism brought this racialisation based on false and constructed biological premises.

this region I am currently residing in became known as 'europe' in the same process that white and black was defined.

Black was associated with the East and with the South, ie., with Asia and with Africa, as Asia and Africa were in a battle with these people and region that became known as white europe/europeans, the Ottomans from the East, and the 'Moors' from Africa.

However: racialisation of the other was taking place in europe before the colonial period as explained by Cedric Robinson in Black Marxism.

So from a time a few thousands years ago that a North African Roman ruler ruled England (Septimus Severus) to the point that this thing called white europe happened, there is a lot to fill in as to why this maldevelopment.

Beyond that, and the second important point is that colonialism does two things at the same time:
1, it divides people into whiteness and non-white, into human and non-human, and white and black., and also

2, it creates a divide and rule mechanism in many ways, including but not solely between colonised peoples according to their regions and anything that can be seen to be or constructed to be different and then divide them from each other. One of the main ways in doing this is a colonial caste system based on shade of skin and phenotype.

Darker people are not just African. You find very dark skinned people in their hundreds of millions across South Asia, SE Asia and Far SE Asia or Australasia, as well as people in the Americas who are directly African heritage but also Asian heritage people and of course the Native people of the continent.

When we talk about phenotype and not just melanin, then again we find that African people have the GREATEST genetic diversity, greater diversity between people who have always resided in Africa relative to those who have left Africa when humans have left Africa in around the last 100 thousand years. This is because humans have existed in Africa for millions of years, which meant there is more genetic diversity amongst them. So again, Black becomes a very complex thing when talking about Africans, cos the way in which some African people look like (phenotype) and shade of skin can be found in very similar ways elsewhere. So a few examples:

a) There are clear similarities between many African peoples of of East Africa and South Asia. East African people look strikingly like North Indian/Pakistani and Bangladeshi people.

b) There are people with 'kinky' hair and dark skin and broad noses, phenotypes of *particular* groups of Africans in South India, and these people are found across South and SE Asia into Australia, with the Black and Native people of Australia being closely related to these peoples.
c) And then to give a final example you have the people of SE Asia like in Papa New Guniea who have very curly 'African' hair, broad noses and are very dark: if you meet these people without knowing where they are from, you might probably assume they are 'Black African' people. But they are not. They are Asian people who are also, imho, Black people. As are all the people of Asia.

Like African heritage people in the Caribbean and Africans in the continent, there are differing degrees of melanin in the skin of people of Asia from the very dark as dark as any African on the continent, and as light as any person from europe. but they are ALL colonised racialised peoples; they are all outside of whiteness as defined by coloniality and imperialism. Do they have anti-Black prejudice? Yes, like all people including darker people everywhere and lighter non-white/Black people everywhere, yes some of them do. But colonialism and imperialism has still and continues to define them and treat them outside of whiteness, as 'Black'. This is something to unite around, and a very potent tool of unity. Doesnt have to be called 'Black' but the unity of colonised and colonially racialised people is a massive massive challenge if not THE MOST important challenge and accomplishment we have to achieve.

There is a LOT more to be said, but I will finish on this. When I said at the start of these debates we should make clear what we set out to achieve politically, I am setting out to achieve to understand and ACT on the facts that we appreciate the ways in which different sections of colonised and colonially racialised peoples are oppressed, and that sections of them self organise, but MORE importantly that we recognise the ONLY times we advance as oppressed peoples is when we unite together and fight together, and that people who are attacked by the system are racialised non-white people who are put into and defined as Black people by the system. We cannot say that colonialism treats one colonised people worse than another, yes we should appreciate scales of suffering, but the operational framework of colonial oppression has been more or less 'equal' in its genocide against people of all three southern continents. People should recognise their commonality, and gather together in a Black Revolution, as Malcolm X argued.

I STILL think this piece by Malcolm X for me in terms of a shorter summary of this issue, is THE political line we should take leadership from:…/malcolm-x-defines-bla…


Proudly announcing the release of the THE pro-Resistance documentary-film 'Nato War on Libya' (50mins)!!



1. HOW TO BUY: One copy of the DVD costs £10, and if you are buying within the 'UK' then please pay £11 per DVD (includes P&P), and if buying from overseas from the UK please pay £13.50 per single DVD (includes P&P). Please make the payment here- (contact me if you cannot/do not use PayPal.)

2. DESCRIPTION: no other doc brings together the real story as to why Nato attacked and that documents and celebrates the Libyan peoples popular resistance to Nato. Largely filmed in Libya during the Nato war of aggression against the country through the year of 2011. It features interviews with Libyan Jamahiryan government representatives as well as political experts and civilians.

Exclusive interviews with many Libyan women in the Resistance, those 'manning' check-points, women's liberation leaders, civilian relief workers, academics, and also exclusive interviews with Dr Khaled Kaim, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Libyan Jamahirya, and Dr Yusuf Shakir, former anti-Gaddafi dissident who then ran the most popular TV show on Libyan TV that resisted Nato, Mohammed Hassan an expert in Islamic and African history and current affairs and a former African diplomat, and many many other protagonists of the Libyan resistance.

Nato War on Libya is the only English-language documentary that thoroughly explores the reasons why Nato made the decision to initiate its war of destruction against Libya that has directly led to such societal collapse in Libya and destabilisation throughout Africa and beyond.

Nato War on Libya is also a story of an African people uniting to resist Nato and its proxies, of a people defending a societal project that delivered the highest living standards in Africa while supporting anti-imperialism across the continent and beyond for 41 years.

Many thanks to Intifada Street / Hanz Shakur for the beautiful DVD cover artwork.


Duterte willing to take in refugees until Philippines is 'filled to the brim'


President Rodrigo Duterte said the Philippines is ready to take in refugees “until the country is filled to the brim.”

The tough-talking president told Al Jazeera’s “101 East” to be aired Thursday that his critics from the west could learn from the Philippines in this aspect.

Duterte had called the European Union and the United States hypocrites in a speech last September after concerns on killings and rights violations in his war on drugs.

“Kayong US, EU you can call me anything. But I was never into or I am never into hypocrisy like you… Close your doors, it’s wintertime, there are migrants escaping from the Middle East. You allow them to rot and then you are worried about the death of about 1,000, 2,000, 3,000?”

He said refugees could always come to the Philippines.

“They can always come here, and I will even welcome them until we are filled to the brim… I say send them to us,” he said.

“We will accept them. They are human beings.”

The International Organization for Migration recorded over 1.2 million first-time asylum claims in the EU by the end of 2015. Higher numbers of asylum claims were from war-torn countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The EU granted protection status to 333,350 asylum seekers last year.

Over 5,000 refugees lost their lives in the dangerous journey to escape conflict, while tens of thousands were exploited by human traffickers, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said during the International Migrants Day on December last year.

Ban said that “2015 will be remembered as a year of human suffering and migrant tragedies.”

“[M]illions have been made into scapegoats and become the targets of xenophobic policies and alarmist rhetoric,” he said.

Although Duterte is often compared to Trump, the Philippine leader's stand is a far cry from the incoming US president.

The US is seen to go down hard on immigrants with Trump's inward-looking policies. Trump’s team is mulling a Muslim registry, deportation of three million illegal immigrants and ban on entry of migrants from countries with a proven history of terrorism against the United States.

Historically, the Philippines became a refuge to over 1,300 Jews escaping the Holocaust between 1935 and 1941.

The country also offered refuge to Vietnamese boat people after the Vietnam War ended in the 1970s.


Walking down my high street, nice group of four 14yr old best friends arm in arm, three of them South Asian one East African, they having a nice time and bantering and one Asian lad says to another one for in friendly jest something something then uses the N word to refer to his friend: I step in straight away with a sharp but not too aggressive: *dont* use that word. Youth is somewhat startled his friends laugh and say he shouldn't use that word. Intervene constructively if you see or hear the youngers acting incorrectly, it has an impact. That Asian youth will never forget that another Asian man his father's age told him not to use that word. These are our children in or communities, I respect them and seek to move with them towards liberation.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm
20 Oct 2016

Friday, 18 November 2016


All I want to say about the Yankee elections is that anyone who criticises Hilary on Libya, unless you are working directly with anti imperialist Libyans, you need to stfu using and leeching of Libyans for your posturing. Libyans are humans, and they are helping to lead the global struggle, respect them, don't use them for your bullshit.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm
Nov 06 , 2016


the over-emphasis, the obsession with cussing hilary (i am not supporter at all of course), giving primacy of attacking hilary over trump, and frankly the amount of not very subtle trump promotion or just open trump celebration: all of that has led us exactly to where we are today.

Hilary represents most of the existing ruling circles and the continuation of the imperialist order in a context of growing imperialist crises.

Trump represents a small section of the ruling circles who decide that fascism is the direction to go into, to help along the freefall collapse of the status quo towards a fascist imperialist status quo.

For me this is utterly A B C stuff. Why have people lost sight of the utter basics?

We are deep in a ideological, ethical, cultural collapse that is directly feeding trump, brexit.... more is to come. PLEASE don't be party to any of it. We have had more than enough now of these massive smacks in our peoples faces.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm
Nov 10 2016