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This is a well established foreign affairs journo at the daily mail. This has been one of the only articles in the imperialist mainstream media that has questioned anything of western reporting on Syria of late. The imperialists can afford to have this article out there, as its the only one and it helps to create a atmosphere that there is a critical conversation about these things when there clearly isnt one, and the publication of such an article indicates that the imperialist lies are so bad, that they have to put this out. - Sons of Malcolm

...the old cliche ‘the first casualty of war is truth’ is absolutely right, and should be displayed in letters of fire over every TV and newspaper report of conflict, for ever.

Almost nothing can be checked. You become totally reliant on the people you are with, and you identify with them.

If you can find a working phone, you will feel justified in shouting whatever you have got into the mouthpiece – as simple and unqualified as possible. And your office will feel justified in putting it on the front page (if you are lucky).

And that is when you are actually there, which is a sort of excuse for bending the rules.

In the past few days we have been bombarded with colourful reports of events in eastern Aleppo, written or transmitted by people in Beirut (180 miles away and in another country), or even London (2,105 miles away and in another world). There have, we are told, been massacres of women and children, people have been burned alive.

The sources for these reports are so-called ‘activists’. Who are they? As far as I know, there was not one single staff reporter for any Western news organisation in eastern Aleppo last week. Not one.

This is for the very good reason that they would have been kidnapped and probably murdered. The zone was ruled without mercy by heavily armed Osama Bin Laden sympathisers, who were bombarding the west of the city with powerful artillery (they frequently killed innocent civilians and struck hospitals, since you ask). That is why you never see pictures of armed males in eastern Aleppo, just beautifully composed photographs of handsome young unarmed men lifting wounded children from the rubble, with the light just right.

The women are all but invisible, segregated and shrouded in black, just as in the IS areas, as we saw when they let them out.

For reasons that I find it increasingly hard to understand or excuse, much of the British media refer to these Al Qaeda types coyly as ‘rebels’ (David Cameron used to call them ‘moderates’). But if they were in any other place in the world, including Birmingham or Belmarsh, they would call them extremists, jihadis, terrorists and fanatics. One of them, Abu Sakkar, famously cut out and sank his teeth into the heart of a fallen enemy, while his comrades cheered. This is a checked and verified fact, by the way.

Sakkar later confirmed it to the BBC, when Western journalists still had contact with these people, and there is film of it if you care to watch. There is also film of a Syrian ‘rebel’ group,
Nour al-din al Zenki, beheading a 12-year-old boy called Abdullah Issa. They smirk a lot. It is on the behalf of these ‘moderates’ that MPs staged a wholly one-sided debate last week, and on their behalf that so many people have been emoting equally one-sidedly over alleged massacres and supposed war crimes by Syrian and Russian troops – for which I have yet to see a single piece of independent, checkable evidence.


Sons of Malcolm’s New Year Message: Prepare and ACT to Combat New Fascism in the ‘West’ Destroying our Homelands

(Sons of Malcolm's New Year message a year ago)

“Everyone had had enough of the brits, and the brits have had enough of everyone else”

“The growth of New Fascism is directly related to the destruction of Libya in 2011, just as the rise of European Fascism in the 1920s and 30s was predicated on the colonial occupation of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) and Libya.”

“Imperialism is terrified of China, China is the number one state and country for imperialism to destroy.”

“The corruption of the entire left is so deep that it is unfit for anything other than posture and fakery with the use of much radical rhetoric.”

“The westerners are scared, they are feeling the loss of all the goodies a spoilt child has from its father: colonialism.”

“The means to resolve these contradictions is to negate the whole system, and there is only one proven way to do so: decolonial anti-imperialist socialism”


Everyone has felt a collapse of morale and hope this last year. Everyone. Colonial delusions and illusions are being burnt to the ground, incinerated into vapour. The comfortable old order in the West (always predicated on colonial genocide in our Homelands) is clearly seeing the beginning of the end. The colonial social democratic parties are exposed and useless – Labour Party and Corbyn, Democrats and Bernie/Hilary/Obama, Syriza etc. Failed. They cannot do anything; they are too tied to the system. The old centre-right colonial parties. Finished. The New Fascist revolution is seeing the beginning of the start of its historical rise, and is burning everything in front of it. The New Fascism relies heavily on growing imperialist wars and the racist propaganda and terrorist acts that it facilitates. Every single terrorist act in London and France and further beyond shows clearly the state were watching the perpetrators very closely, this is all clearly established, and I have written extensively on this for the RT website and Counterpunch as well as my countless TV appearances.

2016 started on the heels of the so-called and racist named ‘refugee crisis’, actually a crisis of imperialism collapsing into fascism that has continued its export of fascism and societal collapse of the last 500 years and more recently against Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria etc. THIS is what has caused the movement of our peoples, we come to the West not for the weather and welcoming parties, but cos you took all our shit and killed all our people. We coming to get ours.

This year started with the great constructed fear engulfing the masses, the dominant sections of Western states are clearly looking to New Fascism attempting to divide and distract people from the culpability of the system and to try and ensure people don’t want to overthrow this system and put in place a decolonial anti-imperialist system, otherwise and also known as socialism (not the western colonial kind, but the Cuban kind for example).

Our masses traversing to the West was played up by the intelligence services (the leading political and organizational factions of the state) through their propaganda arms (the mainstream media), the fascist revolution continued to intensify. Generations of Western white’s colonial brainwashing, never challenged by the similarly colonially-brainwashed western left, and the Black radical movements failures to develop anything strategic for many generations has meant that whites and increasing amounts of non-whites in the West have gone into New Fascism as an ‘answer’ to their woes and fears. It must be stated very clearly, although non-white people in the West are being corrupted into loyalty to the West, still the great majority of them in the West are in opposition to New Fascism, and remain they along with migrants from East Europe, remain the main communities that are more than any other are in a position where they increasingly have to push back.

2016 also saw the total humiliation of the Brits, especially the English in Europe. Their response to this historical humiliation was to tell Europe that they are out, and they are going on a extreme UK state project of fascism – Brexit. The humiliation of the brits was that the great symbols of Britishness and the royal personified, the pop-bellied, sun burnt, pint swigging, rapey and racist ‘lads’ of their proud nation got smacked-silly all over and across France. Everyone had had enough of the brits, and the brits have had enough of everyone else. The Brexit/Leave camp, by default the brits especially the English want us (migrants and non-whites) to ‘Leave’ to ‘exit’, we are not going to, so the confrontation is set: the state and the racists vs the unorganized migrants and non-whites.

The internal increasing and irresolvable contradictions of his colonial-imperialist-capitalist system are intensifying, the root contradiction is that this system is global and social in scope and organization, but despite its social structure, the distribution of wealth goes to fewer and fewer hands and the poverty of the masses grows as a result. The system also has an irresolvable contradiction between the colonial centre and the rest of the world, the colonial centre is only such as its based on increasing genocide and exploitation of the rest of the world. And as Resistance has increased this last 500 years, and as the Global South led by China contracts the space for imperialism in the world, the imperialists go to war and destruction as a ‘logic’ and ‘rationale’ of the survival of their own system. THESE are the basic simplified reasons for all the strife and conflict and upset in the world.

The growth of New Fascism is directly related to the destruction of Libya in 2011, just as the rise of European Fascism in the 1920s and 30s was predicated on the colonial occupation of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) and Libya. If European fascism was stopped in Africa, it would not have spread and grown in Europe. The western left championed the Nato destruction of Libya, that export of fascism was making European fascism grow.

The means to resolve these contradictions is to negate the whole system, and there is only one proven way to do so: decolonial anti-imperialist socialism, and the evidence to its great successes are all the experience of the socialist countries that massively increased the liberation of our peoples, and the current examples of China where ALL the people are seeing a rise in their living and infrastructure based on a socialist state that is using a mixed economy to advance the cause.
Imperialism is terrified of China, China is the number one state and country for imperialism to destroy.

We now have the most vicious and unstable leaderships in leading western countries with Brexit and Trump, and with a mob of other fascists about to come to leadership in Western political systems. We are facing clearly intensified imperialist wars of destructions, every few years we see another one of our Homelands destroyed by imperialism and its proxies supported by the Western left. Next for destruction are Iran, Cuba, Korea, and then the final big one: China. Or are they just going to ‘cut to the chase’ and go for China a lot sooner? Indications are that. We will continue to see the destruction of our Homelands in general with exceptional moments of small victories, as our Homelands do not have the things in place to defeat such attacks, and the central thing is that we do not have multi-lateral (between many of our countries) agreements of mutual military defence pacts, ie., if one of us are attacked, we all come to the defence of them. Without China, Russia, India, SADC and much of the rest of Asia and Africa uniting on a MILITARY level, we are all subject to be destroyed one by one, and that’s what we are seeing.

As New Fascism emerges in the West, we see no resistance, no strategic resistance. A lot of middle class and lefty moaning and hand wringing, but the period from June 24 until now has shown that England will see no strategic Resistance, the corruption of the entire left is so deep that it is unfit for anything other than posture and fakery with the use of much radical rhetoric. The migrant and non-white communities are seeing no movement forward, no galvanization, just worry, anxieties and growing isolation and loss of political clout potentially and actually as New Fascism develops. Africans and Asians will continue and are continuing to arrive here, but they are arriving in a collapsing and defeating trajectory, they are coming here with no organization but for the presence of their growing communities.

The challenges are simply these:

1, Defend our Homelands! Oppose and advocate for the defeat of every imperialist provocation.

2, Develop the grassroots in the West to defend our Homelands and unite peoples!

3, Develop understanding the ideological decolonial, anti-imperialist socialist theories.

4, Gather together, show commitment, discipline, courage and determination, work with on things you agree on, discuss the differences constructively, and ACT and BUILD.

The reasons why we are seeing no growth of the Resistance in the West is because of the colonial corruption that is clearly evident in the left too, but its also because people are waking up to the fact that the entire world of the West has been a colonial bubble, a colonial fantasy built on bloodied sand, people are realizing it’s the start of the ending of that and are horrified they have to start to deal with the realities the people of the rest of the non-western world have had to deal with for centuries. The westerners are scared, they are feeling the loss of all the goodies a spoilt child has from its father: colonialism.

History shows, tragically and horrifically, that people only move with righteous ethics through total slaughter and collapse such as that in the first and second world wars. Those who are from and loyal to the Global South cause wish westerners would see what has happened to us and act before they are slaughtered like in the world wars, but we know these people, and know that they are unable to move other than for their own imperialist interests and desires. Somewhere through all this collapse, a new decolonial anti-imperialist resistance might emerge. It might not. It doesn’t matter; it never has really mattered, as the world is centered not in the west but in the rest of the world. And that’s what has to be the focus.



""How is the policy of the United States going to change in relation to Russia, Ukraine and China after Donald Trump takes office as President?"

"I know what America is like, especially on the level of common people, with whom I have to communicate a lot. No one can answer the question of what is going to happen in the United States in the near future. There are many speculations on the subject and many hopes, but no one wants to make any serious predictions.

"One may hear many experts saying that USA's foreign policy is impulsive, that the Americans get involved in a fight to see what is going to happen afterwards. This point of view is wrong. In fact, the US-led foreign policy is more targeted, and their ruling class is much more rational. They know what they want. They can make a lot of mistakes along the way, and they do make them, and we do point that out. At the same time, the US always follows global goals.

"In the past, the Americans had a global goal to achieve - to destroy their main rival, the Soviet Union. It took them several decades to make it happen. The United States has very long-term goals.

"What long-term and global goals does the United States have now? We can already see them. Today, America's geopolitical rival No. 1 is China. The biggest problem that the United States has to deal with now is the absence of ways to besiege China. The Americans may crop China's feathers a little, but they can not remove China as a competitor. There is only one "clever way" for the USA to go at this point.

"It is an open secret that Ukraine does not pose any interest for the United States. Ukraine is not a part of America's geopolitical interests. Why did the Americans pay so much attention to Ukraine, including financially? Why did they achieve so much influence there?

Brzezinski used to say that one needs to set Slavic nations against each other. They set Ukraine against Russia. Now they need Ukraine to put external pressure on Moscow. Today, the Americans need Russia the way Russia exists today.

Previously, they wanted to dismember Russia. Now they do not want to do it, because in this case, the Far East and Siberia will go to China, and China will become stronger than ever before. Brzezinski's chessboard is now history.

"To put pressure on China, the Americans can block China's main sea routes and oil transportation routes, but this is not important. The biggest danger for the USA is China's intention to build the new Silk Road. China wants to replace its economic cooperation with America. China needs Europe instead. China will be able to reach Europe via the new Silk Road. Therefore, the overland route to the continent is a threat to the States.

To curb China's development, the USA will need to make Russia and China enemies. They have done this with Ukraine, and now they want to do the same with China. They need today's Russia with its strong arms and everything. The only change the Americans need is a new leader in the Kremlin. They need to change Russia's president, while everything else will remain the same."

"Do they want the new leader to be more compliant?"

"Of course, they do. They want to plant "their own" president in Russia, like they did in Ukraine. They control the Kiev authorities from outside. If they succeed in setting Russia against China, the Americans will be on top of the world again.

"Trump has already made it clear: America's prime enemy is China, but not Russia. Trump may try to convince Russia to twist China's arms.""

Sunday, 25 December 2016


When Barf is not Barfi / nightmares of a white supremacist xmas

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
25 Dec 2016

Like many if not most, I struggle hard to get through the english winter, especially coming from what seems like the constant blue skies and sunshine (and MONSOONS!) and orange glow (thats just what I remember my Homeland before I was brought here at the age of 4). Many of our peoples actually have a problem with sunshine, as we get too much of it and its too hot, hence the obsessions with water, shade, and the love of many of our people of grey skies and rain! I remember in Tripoli, Libya in the summer of 2011 that a massive winter-like storm broke out, the temperature dropped suddenly and the skies darkened, but people were so happy and walking and enjoying the storm in the open.

Growing up in the 1980s in london as a young Indian boy was very weird, especially when it came to winter and xmas. I left Chandigarh, a really beautiful and organised city of my birth, to Southall, West London. Southall is like an extension of Punjab (massive amounts of Paistani and Indian Punjabis, mostly Indian there) / India / Pakistan (now also Somalia and East Europe), its the biggest concentration of South Asians outside of of South Asia in the world. So in *some* ways it wasnt so different from Home, however, it was clearly very different from home. One of the many first smacks to my system that this was ajeeb sa juggha (strange kinda place) was when the winter I arrived, one of the coldest in the last 40 odd years, that the land was covered by  a layer of very pretty white fluffy stuff - snow - that we call 'Barf', but the word for Indian sweets is 'Barfi', so I conflated the two, thinking this land was literally covered in sweets: but every time I went to try what seemed to be this loely sweet stuff, as soon as it touched my tongue a shock went through my system that this was some disgusting tasting yuck. That, perhaps, was a metaphor for my entire life in this country.

Winter was bleak in this country. What on earth is this? Darkness. Very cold. None of my extended family are around for me to run off with and be naughty and have fun. Where's my paternal Uncle (Mamaji) who used to pretend to give me the ends of his cigarettes that I pretended to smoke and drink whiskey and have pretend fights, cos my 'hero' was Amitabh Bachan, and this rebel without a cause neo-liberal individualist whiskey drinking street fighting singing dancing charming film star was mine and million of other South Asian, and Russian, and African children's hero who I acted out in my imaginary play, including in the aisles in the cinema, with everyone smiling and laughing at this 2/3yr old playing Amitabh with full vigour. No, those days were behind me, I was thrown into the middle of the enemy territory, carrying on inside me the lives of both my grandfathers who fought the people who run this new land I was in, they fought them in two continents: Africa (Kenya) and Asia (unidivided India), and I had come to the continent of Europe to carry on the family tradition.

Southall was a forward base of India in Britain, and it still is, with further additions and spreading of Asian people who have basically taken over the whole of the western regions of London, and further afield like Slough, Reading, Luton etc. Going to primary school there was kinda normal to me, but there were these white women who were teaching us in another language, apart from that we were all Indian kids apart from one white kid. Xmas just wasnt on our radar, we didn't really notice it. Probably the primary school tried to brainwash into a western colonial xmas, but it didnt register. I didnt watch TV, I lived in an Indian community, and the strange things was the darkness and cold in the winter and it why does everything look so grey?!

The other thing that made me kinda surprised and perhaps some kind of excitement as it was a bit of a spectacle was spotting a white person when usually my Father took me to the high street to shop at the grocery stores and the Muslim butcher. I always gawped at the head of the goat in the display cabinet at the butchers. This is one of my favourite memories, going with my Father to the shops, often it was dark, but the fruit and vegetables were all laid out spreading onto the pavement, the Indian music playing and the sounds of the languages and the smells just made me feel like I was in India. A lovely homely memory. But I was still in enemy territory, little did my very young child mind realise. My younger Brother and my only real actual sibling arrived within one year of my arrival in London. I remember being very loving and caring towards him, in the hospital after he was born I wouldnt let anyone else touch him or go near him as he was 'mine'. I still have a picture of my leaning over his hospital crib protectively with my tired but elated mother watching on.

By around 1987 we moved to Ealing Broadway, we got a little two bedroom flat on a beautiful road. I moved into a local primary school, best years of my life, but this was half white and half non white, and a mix of working class and middle class kids. I have never known middle class people until this time in my life. The school I suppose reflected London broadly at that time. And I had now entered into the mainstream of colonial London. We had a TV that I seemed to watch more. I got brainwashed into coca cola, michael jackson, madonna, hollywood bullshit colonial culture. It became what I wanted to be, it became a means of denying myself, despite my parents always trying to do their best to keep my pride up of who were are, especially my Mother always reminding me that we are from a people of ancient civilised histories, that we are nothing less than the people over here, that they have no real culture. It didnt kick in any of this until my political awakening at 15yrs old, and then again at around 23 yrs old. At 15 and then 23 Black Power was increasingly blasting out from my inner zone of life.

But as a child as you grow and your system starts to absorb more and you act out what you absorb. Xmas was a massive propaganda project as it still is. What was Xmas to my child's mind? It was the most important celebration of people in this country. It was when the children got presents from this old white guy with a white beard from somewhere in even colder up in north europe. It was about families gathering together. And it was a very english white tradition and event. ie., nothing to do with me! All my family I was close to were back in India. When you get the feeling families are getting together and you don't do that, it makes you feel like you are something less. It was just a very alien festival that you felt you had to be a part of. But I wasnt. We never had a xmas tree, I wanted one, maybe I nagged for it. I demanded and nagged xmas presents, so kindly and generously my Mother fed my spoilt nagging. She shouldn't have, it isnt wasnt ours to celebrate, to waste money on, but more important perhaps she shouldnt have inadvertently fed my growing inferiority complexes by allowing me to indulge in this.

You have to remember, this was in the 1980s, Indian and non-white people who werent Christian didnt really develop any assimilation into this festival at all, I am not saying they should and those that do are not without problems, they are. But these days I think non-white people have in massive numbers adapted a kind of xmas to suit them, many of us do the xmas roast etc. Back then, we did our thing, they did theirs, and we slowly started to interact and fuse the things together, not all of us but many of us.

Recently I was at a really nice 'stay and play' xmas party in south London, there were some hundred young working class mothers with their children (three fathers including me), and it was so interesting to see the Asian and African mothers really trying to sing along to hymns and carols and songs about xmas that they didnt know, but they were so keen in trying to involve their children into something that is so alien to them but that it is the host colonial nations culture and festival. It made me sad and happy, happy cos mothers love their children and children were happy at this singing together and the free good food and free wrapped presents for every child, however it made me sad that our people are so keen to give into the culture pressure of pushing their children into a culture that they needn't and perhaps shouldn't assimilate into. Can we decolonise xmas?

As I have grown older, winters became harder and harder, the colonial commercial crassness of xmas, the dark and cold was just very hard for me. Once I started really focusing on my healthy eating and exercise in my mid 20s, things started to improve through winter and xmas, but its still very hard. I started to appreciate the change of the seasons, the last leaves on the trees. The first blossoms in the spring, and the period of hell that lies in between the two. I started to appreciate that for all its nonsense xmas lights are an attempt at bringing light to where there's darkness. But still the lights look so pathetic, it always feels and looks like the darkness always wins over the light in this country!

Xmas is bad for you. Those who indulge in it one would like to think we make of it the best we can, focus it on family and gathering together through the dark to make the children happy. That's wonderful and beautiful. But there is a sharp and intense viciousness to it as well, a viciousness that creates a lot of pain and hurt in many ways and for many people, including white english working and middle class people. But if you are non-white, its a really vicious thing. One thing I think I would like to see more and I will be doing is the coming Christmas, to promote and celebrate the ways our people from our southern continents have made this celebration their own in many ways. I know Christians in Ethiopia and Eritrea, in Palestine and Syria and Lebanon, in India and Pakistan, in the Andes have Christmas of a kind that people here know nothing about, our songs, dress for Christmas is something people in the west know nothing about. Christianity is a religion of the East, not of europe! The religion has been colonially occupied and is awaiting liberation, a process that is in or hands.

Wishing our children all the happiness and liberation that we adults and parents can provide. I won't ever fail them. Merry Christmas and the very best for health, happiness and liberation to you and yours.


Part 2 of sociological observations of the english during 'Xmas'

In the shopping centres and at some children's events the English like to make a small enclosed space, like a little cave which they decorate with fake snow and get a man to dress up in the colours of the coca cola company and a big white beard.

Usually men who do this job are the type that want to be very close to a lot of children, this is a big part of english culture as the English have raised their children to love and adore those that like to sexually abuse and even kill them in quite large numbers, something that the great institutions of english culture - the bbc, nhs, police - facilitated Jimmy saville and others to do this to children for five decades straight. The English are so proud of this that they do nothing about it and will do nothing about it.

So the English encourage their children to go into this small cave to the stranger with the coca cola suit and white beard. They tell their children that 'you won't get your present from him unless you have been good!'. 'Being good' in English culture usually means making sure they only eat their meals (actually really potato and bread, bananas if they are lucky) on the condition they have an I-pad showing a video not more than 12 inches from their face. 'Being good' also often means staying on their games consoles as long as possible and allowing their parents to enjoy fully their collapsing marriages. Now a generation of children have become adults who have been raised by the english people's new parents: games consoles and I-pads and I-phones: now most young adult english want to be porn stars, they consider it a great honorable career that they call 'sex work'. When the new porn star mass english community become parents (most english don't want children, or the elderly) and have children , surely these families will benefit greatly from the mass sex work culture.

The strange man in the coca cola suit is said to be a white north european man. In Belgium and Holland the strange man has little black slave helpers, they too will only get their presents only if they have serviced the strange man adequately through the year. The Belgians and Dutch consider this to be a foremost aspect of their celebrations, and laugh at non white people who complain.

The English consider it very important to their culture that the strange man comes into their homes at night without them knowing, some miserable non white people have had bad experiences of white men sneaking into their countries so are not so keen, but english people seem to really like those traditions and are keeping them alive by ensuring children think white strange men bring them presents and that they should spend their whole year trying to please him.

I will be sharing further my sociological observational studies into the English during their Xmas celebration festival.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Seeing it is the Xmas season, I will be sharing sociological observations on the english and how they celebrate this their most celebrated event in the calendar. Part of this great national community event is to force people often small children to stand in small crowds in the cold and dark looking rather sombre and sing songs; yes these sound like funeral songs, they are dull, depressing and sung with great melancholy and with all the lack lustre that can be mustered: but actually these are 'hymns' celebrating the birth of the prophet Jesus. The adults who force children to sing these songs seem to be only able to cope with this by drinking as much alcohol they possibly can in what they call 'mulled wine', made from the spices they have stolen under genocide for centuries from Asia, perhaps this mulled wine is a celebration of that history? The English seem rather satisfied in singing these songs and drinking until drunk and trudge off in the dark and cold to their homes.

I will be sharing further sociological observations on the English this coming several days.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


#DRC / #Congo: I am receiving reports from radical Pan-Africanists (politically closest to Mugabe and Gaddafi etc). There seems to be a Libya / Syria 2011 imperialist directed regime change style building-up. The opposition calling for "peaceful protests" then shady human rights organisations report the deaths of about 20 people to the UN. No names given, no proof. The govt denies. All Belgians have received instructions to leave the country. The opposition is fervently pro-usa. The African Union mediator in DRC has denounced the usa for supporting the opposition. He claims that during a meeting a member of the Congolese opposition actually told him: your country is France's backyard our country is US' backyard, keep out.

The wider context to this is that the Southern African Development Community and its leadership in Africa and the Global South is a strategic threat to imperialism, and imperialism is constantly harassing it and looking to destroy it, with the most obvious mechanisms being the usa and uk were on the verge of an actual military invasion and divide and ruin mission against Zimbabwe in circa 2001, scuppered only by the ANC and Mbeki. The other obvious attack on SADC is the western-generated war there that has killed millions.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Monday, 19 December 2016


20 things the western left SHOULD have done in relation to Syria (and still could do!)

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Dec 14 2016

The western left have shown themselves this last five years since the war on Libya to be near perfect and complete echo chambers and cheerleaders for the destruction of Libya and now Syria, Yemen, and soon to come Cuba, Iran, China and others. Here are some things that western-based radicals should do in relation to Syria, same can be applied for Libya, and Iran, China etc:

1. Understand and study that the ‘UK’ is the number one or perhaps the number two imperialist and colonial power in the world.

2. That the Brit system develops overt and covert wars as a growing fundamental part of its own survival, war is money and domination and collapses obstacles and counter oppositions.

3. Read Patrick Seale’s biography of Hafez al-Assad and Syria, and get a wide appreciation of the history, social struggles and controversies of the Syrian Arab Republic. Really, if you haven’t read this book, you should perhaps have no right at all to speak.

4. Study how the PKK was actually formed in large part through the assistance and support of the Syrian government from the late 1970s until 1999. Lebanese Hizbollah and the Syrian government were the foremost backers of the PKK for decades. This doesn’t excuse some of, what I consider, to be the wrong approach to the Kurdish issue by the Syrian govt, and it doesn’t excuse what I consider the rather politically sectarian approach of the PKK forces to the Syrian govt, when it all said and done, both (in the form of the YPG and Syrian govt) have basically hardly beefed each other this last five plus years, and instead have strategically been on the same side more often than not shooting at the same enemies and not each other.

5. That the brits have colonised and developed sectarianism (Saudi being the most glaring and obvious example) and given weapons, protection to THE MOST depraved sadistic elements in the ‘Middle East, like they have done in other parts of the world: giving life to these extreme anti-people raping lynching elements is the only way in which colonialism has EVER maintained its control

6. Understand how the brits and the french divided the region, and how they sowed the seeds for sectarianism, and study the many Resistance movements and liberation movements.

7. Study the role of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, and ‘Al Qaeda. (Daesh, Aurar Sham, FSA, Nusra and many others) in many of these countries including Syria in allying with the brits and yanks to maintain the latter’s control and domination in the region through pure terror, and also funding and protection from the ‘west’.

8. Understand how these Resistance movements turned into strategic victories like Hafez al-Assad leading a social revolution of massive land reform and nationalisation on the basis of a mass revolutionary movement and alliances, breaking the back of the imperialist/colonialist-landlord and comprador capitalist rule of Syria; how Syria in the words of leading neocon thinker daniel pipes (I have debated with him twice now on tv) is the ‘Cuba of the Middle East’, ie., that it was and remains a radical socialist-oriented independent state and social experiment.

9. Look into exactly which armed gangs and death squad factions the brits are closest too, who the brits are financing and protecting and proliferating.

10. Look into, expose and campaign against how the brit state is developing death squad recruits in britain itself. Some *850* (!!) people have gone to join Daesh this last several years. Who is organising them? How is the british state protecting them? How is the left and liberal circles providing white wash and cover for this? There are SPECIFIC and easily appreciable death squads including Daesh but many more that are openly organising here with protection and facilitation and more from the british state. FIND OUT who they are and expose and campaign for an end to this dirty bloody racket.

11. Learn and popularise how this country has gone to open and covert wars with Syria and the allies of Syria. Learn about Lebanese Hizbollah and the Amal movement in Lebanon (backed by Syria). Learn about the different socialist, marxist and communist organisations in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and other places that the Syrian govt has and continues to support and give asylum, refuge, and even military training to. Including Palestinian Islamic Jihad I should add amongst others.

12. Understand how the brit state organises its junior partner Saudi Arabia to ensure a very sectarian perversion of Islam is what most Mosques in this country churn out and brain wash people into. Understand that there are A LOT of Muslims totally fed up and disgusted by this racket, but they have no voice and nowhere to go and no one to give them leadership politically.

13. Find the answer as to why the west has decided at this historical juncture to destroy Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, try and destroy Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan. Find out why former nato and usa military leader wesley clark said Syria, Libya, Iran and Korea were all in-line to be attacked by the yanks.

14. Learn about how before in 1982 the west tried to team up with the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in Syria and conduct an armed (failed) coup that involved killing many state functionaries, and this happened the same year the zionist state invades and occupies Lebanon until they were expelled largely by Syrian govt -backed resistance movements.

15. Learn how the Syrian govt has some of the most progressive policies and successes on women rights and equality, health, education, industry, and how Syria is one of the few countries in the world that has little to no imperialist media, advertising and economic penetration. No adverts for coca-cola, hollywood shite films, and absolutely no engagement with the zionist state, actually a continuing state of war between the two for many many decades.

16. Look into why the western left has hated and campaigned against *EVERY SINGLE* actual liberation ideology and liberation movement and country. Investigate why THIS is one of the most effective forms of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY that serves the said system.

17. Look into and appreciate why and how the Syrian govt is very close to the best socialist countries we have had and have, for example the VERY close relations between the Syrian govt and the FSLN, Cuba, Vietnam, ANC etc.

18. Understand how Syria and Libya fit into a larger strategy and design of the destruction, yes, just the total destruction of further countries, with Iran, Algeria, Egypt and others directly under threat of total annihilation.

19. Appreciate how the failures of the western left on all these things and more has directly meant that people have sought more what *seems* to be much more functional answers from the far right and the fascists especially when it comes to the western state collusion with death squads in fake islamic garb, these fascists manipulate to promote their own vicious racist agenda, at the same time increasing amounts of people an see that these death squads are directly supported by the west, but the western left is mostly helping and assisting this western state - death squad collusion and coordination.

20. OPPOSE COLONIALISM AND IMPERIALISM!! You are living in the most genocidal entity known to anyone ever, and this state and system is STILL conducting and planning further genocides and destructions. Understand that your role is to really only oppose your own state that is wreaking havoc around the world, and the havoc is directly funding your privileges and raised existence in the world. Or is that the reason you will basically cheerlead every imperialist project of destruction against us, cos you just want to protect your colonial indulgences and lifestyle?


At the Islamophobia conference by Islamic Human Rights Commission last Saturday you had Ramon Grosfoguel (excellent decolonial scholar) and leader of the decolonial Party of the Indigenous of the Republic from France Houria Bouteldja talking a whole load of great sense and me from the floor talking about rising fascism, the terrible situation where our organised resistance forces are meagre to negligible and the massive sell out of the western left to rising fascism such as brexit, trump and le pen. But the room was totally divided by the non brits who seemed to be clear about all these issues and then westernised and white left brits being in total hostility and in denial to all the things obvious to the non brits.

We are stuck: we need an organised force of dozens if not scores of people to do some proper grassroots political liberation work in our communities, but people internalised too much brit colonial garbage and corruption and indulgence and it's nearly impossible to create a force to do anything. I feel so hopeless. I will always primarily defend our global South peoples and countries, there is a real fight and real people and a struggle that means something. It would be nice to be able to develop something here in the 'west' but everything of all what I have studied and nearly 25 years of my own political experience informs me nothing is possible here. I don't know anymore. Everything seems so bleak, I feel more alienated and estranged from activists in the west more than ever, they are living dead that sometimes make some social media posts lol. I feel myself retreating into dark humour as a coping mechanism. I can see the end of the global South on the horizon, I can feel it all slipping away, and I mean: all. It's the start of a very bad political collapse, maybe something will pick it all up? Maybe this is a temporary phase of such collapse of struggle and leadership? Maybe it's not and we headed for a whole new and final bunch of our countries being destroyed in the coming years? No one gives a fuck in the west. They never have to. They only give a fuck about ensuring colonial genocide delivers them their goodies.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Let me say a very clear thing: I see many people who support Putin and Assad use how the Yankee democratic govt of Obama-Hilary destroyed Libya in 2011 for their support for trump / brexit / le pen fascism. I have been working hard on Libya and with Libyans and continue to do so since Feb 2011; I can tell you clearly that nearly 100% of these fascist collaborators have never done ANYTHING about Libya except 'like' and post the odd thing about Libya. You have no right to use and abuse Libya for your embarrassing sell-out to fascism, you have been utterly useless idiots for Libyans and done nothing for them except use them for your own egotistical emotional games and posture, and even if you had done anything for Libyans, the utter stupidity of thinking the rise of western fascism is going to help anyone, makes you the laughing stock of our ages. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm